Explore the City with a Personal Tour Guide in London

London City
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A vibrant and fascinating city, London is home to some of the world’s best sights, attractions and entertainment. But with so much going on there’s no denying that navigating it on your own can be a little challenging. That’s why we recommend a guided tour to help you get the most from your visit to London.

With Wilson’s luxury tours, London has never been more accessible. Not only do we excel at guiding you through the most popular destinations, but our extensive knowledge and association with the city, allows us to offer you truly “off the beaten path” experiences other travel companies cannot hope to offer.

So if you’re looking for a relaxing, stress-free trip with a personal tour guide in London, then make Wilson’s your first port of call.

Soak up London’s history in comfort and style

The magnificent city of London was founded by the Romans in the 1st Century AD and since then has continued to reinvent itself as the finest capital in the world. Now known globally as the principal residence of British monarchs, this bustling city has all kinds of attractions and elements of history and culture from across the ages.

Immerse yourself in the unique history of the city by visiting the crown jewels in the Tower of London, strolling around world-famous museums, visit Buckingham Palace or witness it all from a bird’s eye view in the London Eye.

From the historic to the contemporary

A global capital of culture, the great city of London has over 90 museums and galleries and more than 200 attractions. If you are looking for a world class day of entertainment then why not enjoy a football match or musical, stop off at a quaint British pub, or choose from a selection of 150+ live music performances a day. You could even sit back and relax as Wilson’s luxury tours London navigates the usually busy streets to give you the ultimate shopping experience. The options truly are endless!

Do it all, see it all, with your own concierge

With so much to see—often in a short space of time—fitting it all in can be a struggle. But with Wilson’s High end private tours, visiting every attraction on your to-do list is a breeze.

Not only will you have a chauffeur taking you ‘door-to-door’ from each location, but you’ll also have your own private guide sharing their expert knowledge with you and also acting as your onboard concierge, catering for your every desire. The British might be known for their queuing, but with Wilson’s you’ll never have to wait in line. We promise you’ll see more and experience more with our personal tour guide in London.

“Dear Oliver, A word of thanks to you and Keith for the lovely trip through Bampton and Blenheim Palace. The lunch was excellent as well. Though the weather damage at Highclere changed our original plans, you managed to rescue the day for us and for my husband's birthday. We are very grateful for your help in making it a memorable day. We will be back in the UK in September. If time permits we will be in touch for perhaps another go at Highclere, should they be open to the public then. Many thanks and warm regards, Jacquelynn Morris ” Read more testimonials