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It is impossible to list all the wonderful locations we visit on a daily basis. These further afield tours are as individual as each of our discerning clients and normally require an overnight stay during the tour. Naturally we can arrange your hotel accommodation for you.

Each one of Great Britain`s counties have grown out of kingdoms, principalities, shires, fiefs, boroughs and parishes has its own special flavour. This derives from Britain`s landscape, her resources and her history, all of which have shaped her peoples, too.

There has always been something of a divide between the industrial North and the wealthier South. Regional pride is very strong. Vernacular architecture marks each region, and there is a rich variety of scenery to be found in every corner of this green and bounteous island.

Allow us to share with you some of our most popular tour destinations…

• England: The Lake District, The Peak District, Dartmoor, Liverpool & York
• Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Perth, The Highlands & Islands
• Wales: Cardiff, The Brecon Beacons & Pembrokeshire
• Ireland: Dublin, Belfast, The Giants Causeway, Limerick & Cork

“And anywhere else you care to choose”

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Unique to Wilson’s, as well as your chauffeur, each tour is led by a separate, private guide , sharing their expert knowledge with you and also acting as your on-board concierge, catering for your every requirement. A separate guide means that we never waste time walking from parking spot to each attraction. We stop right outside each magnificent sight and whenever we enter any landmark, we never wait in line. We promise you will see more and experience more with us.

Something Different in Mind?

You may wish to explore specific locations, family genealogy or wish to pursue a personal interest not already mentioned. Please let us know where you wish to visit and we will create a totally bespoke tour schedule, especially for you.

Extended Tours of Great Britain

You may also wish to spend several days touring Great Britain. We would be delighted to design for you a customised, extended tour schedule to incorporate the places you really wish to visit and experience.
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“Mr Wilson I want you to know the very special driver you picked…A+++ service, courtesy and special attention to detail and great assistance with my mobility concerns. In addition the tour guide provided a top flight tour, was knowledgeable and made a great presentation while very accommodating. We have traveled far and wide and let me say that these two folks should be rightfully appreciated for their special talents. Both went above and beyond and represent the very best. Thank you for your excellent coordination and hassle free experience and we hope our review will convince you that you had two of the best at our service today. Best regards, Stephen and Lisa” Read more testimonials

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