Jack The Ripper London

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“Callous murders amidst Victorian squalor”

Tour Highlights: Historic Whitechapel, Spittalfields Market, The Ten Bells Pub, the Ripper murder scenes and the unique street atmosphere of the historic East End.

The Ripper`s victims were all poor East End women. All had been murdered with ferocious brutality. The murderer used a knife to slit the throats of his victims, and then, most horrifically, mutilated their dead bodies. The murderer was never caught, and the Metropolitan Police officially closed the case after four years. However, the passage of time has not diminished public interest in the mystery. Jack the Ripper continues to grip the public’s imagination and every few years a new theory emerges as to who the murderer might have been.

The mystery surrounding Jack the Ripper continues to inspire a never-ending stream of books, films and television programmes, all reimagining what might have happened and often fictionalising the facts. But make no mistake: this is no fictional story. These crimes really happened. The terrible events of 1888 shocked Victorian London and left a legacy of concern that eventually helped engineer real improvements to the lives of the poor.

He came silently from the shadows to butcher and kill…We start our tour in London`s notorious East End and learn of the depravation, poverty and sheer human struggle of surviving in Victorian Whitechapel. We pause for a drink and steady or nerves in the infamous Ten Bells Pub where many believe the Ripper first met his unlucky victims. We then tour the murder scenes in detail amongst the labyrinth of streets and alley ways.

We discuss the victims and their pasts and ponder the true identity of the culprit. Was he a butcher, a quack, an actor or even a member of the Royal family? Who really knows….? Perhaps we can solve the case together!

We conduct this tour by day or night but we would always recommend this tour at night to get the true Ripper experience.

As with all of our tours, if our suggested tours do not suit your specific requirements, please allow us to create a customised itinerary especially for you.
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